Aluminium, Carbon or Titanium?
Find the right gravel bike in the right material

It can be difficult to know which frame material is suitable for you. Principia gravel bikes are available in 3 materials: aluminium, carbon and titanium. All 3 frame materials have their advantages. We have made it easy to understand. Read more below.






Durable, versatile and affordable

Good durability

With an aluminium frame, you get long durability, as aluminium is a strong material which can resist blows on variable terrain, which a gravel bike is exposed to.

Great versatility

Aluminium is perfect for mixed driving on varying terrains, such as country roads and gravel. Expect high comfort and performance.

Perfect first gravel bike 

An aluminium gravel bike is typically very affordable regarding equipment and performance. This makes it a perfect bike for the new gravel rider. You don't have to compromise design or performance with an aluminium gravel bike.


Why should you choose aluminium

  • Affordable price
  • Strong material
  • Lighter than steel
  • Less maintenance




Light, aerodynamic and high performance

All the right elements

If you choose a gravel bike in carbon, you get an ultra-light frame, which is stiff compared to its weight. You can then accelerate fast and efficiently - no matter the terrain or weather.

Uncompromised performance

The carbon material gives the freedom to design and shape a frame after specific measurements. This means the frame can be easily strengthened and stabilized where it matters. This ensures an ideal combination of performance and durability.

Aerodynamic wonder

On a carbon frame, you won't find any welding, as you do on, for example, steel and aluminium. This means that every part of the frame can be optimized to deliver superior aerodynamics.



Why should you choose carbon

  • Low weight
  • High stiffness
  • Fantastic aerodynamics
  • Shock absorbing
  • Durable




Light, strong and durable

High strength-to-weight ratio

With a titanium frame, you get incredibly high strength and durability. Despite the strength, the weight is still low, and you can easily maintain a high speed. The frame's strength is on par with a steel frame but is significantly lighter.

Ultra-long durability - No corrosion

titanium frame lasts forever. As the material has close to no fatigue, the frame can last long, even if exposed to high stress, while blasting down the gravel path.

Naturally shock absorbing

A titanium frame has a natural shock-absorbing effect, whether you're driving on country roads or in the woods. Since the frame can absorb bumps, it will help reduce your body's fatigue and make your ride more comfortable.


Why should you choose titanium

  • Durable and easy to repair
  • Very strong material
  • Shock absorbing
  • Exclusive looking design

With Principia you get

5 year frame guarantee
Danish quality
Exclusive dealers