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Gravel is a fusion of a road bike, cross bike, and mountain bike - the coolest bikes for the rider loves all-road capabilities, speed and pure performance. All our Gravel bikes are made exclusively of quality components, so you can always give it full throttle. The Gravel range is wider than ever before, which means you have plenty of options to choose between in regard to frame materials, groupsets, colours, and much more. Time to go off-road!

Gravel Carbon

The bike that does it all

Create your Gravel Carbon

Principia Gravel Carbon is our ultimate Gravel-series. The model is built on a highly developed full-carbon frame, which is stiff and light, making it both agile and versatile. Along with wide tires, superior groupsets and details such as bracket for bags, fenders and much more, Gravel Carbon a worthy candidate of being the bike only bike you will ever need.

To find the right Gravel Carbon, you just have to follow 3 simple steps. When your order is placed, the bike is hand built in Randers, Denmark. 

Gravel Alu

Let your impulses reign

Principia Gravel Alu summarizes features from MTB, Cyclocross and Road bikes. A road frame combined with wide tires, mean you can ride fast on the countryside, ride through gravel and forest tracks. With Gravel Alu you can ride all year round.

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Gravel Hybrid

Incredibly versatile

Principia Gravel Hybrid is the newest member of the Gravel-series. Gravel Hybrid is filled with versatile features, which make it ideal for all kinds of use, whether it's commuting or riding in your spare time. The wide tires make sure the bike can handle a wide variety of terrains such as gravel and regular roads - year round. Combined with a flat MTB-handlebar and quick shifting gears, you are ensured a bike that's both comfortable and performance ready.

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