Gravel 22TiTAN
A new titan is born

You can expect top performance, fantastic comfort, and raw strength from our new 22TiTAN. We have developed the titanium frame to perform and deliver a riding experience unlike any other, whether you're new to gravel or an experienced rider.

We have refined every detail on the 22TiTAN, which can be felt and seen. The frame's geometry has been tested on Danish gravel paths and forests to ensure a perfect balance between comfort and performance. At the same time, the design is classic, raw, and eye-catching.

The new 22TiTAN is a bike in a league of its own, delivering a premium performance from top to bottom. 22TiTAN is built and adjusted by our skilful mechanics. Choose between different groupsets, wheelsets, and forks.

As is known from our Gravel Carbon series, it is possible to choose between different groupsets from both SRAM and Shimano. The groupsets are also available as 1-by and 2-by setups with mechanical and electronic shifting options.

Raw titanium, and raw strength

Never compromise

As the name indicates, 22TiTAN is based on our newly developed titanium frame. After multiple tests on single tracks and gravel roads, we have created a frame with the perfect balance between comfort and speed, even on the most challenging terrain. You will find many details on the frame, such as the minimalistic decal and an engraved Principia "P" on the head tube. We have kept the frame colour in raw titanium, which complements and finishes the gravel look. If you specify your 22TiTAN with carbon wheels, an electronic groupset and a suspension fork, you might have the coolest-looking bike on your local gravel roads.

Choose configuration

Choose from 5 configurations.
Gravel 22TiTAN is available in 5 different configurations with varying groupsets. These configurations are called G1, G2, G5, G6 and G7.
Read more about the configurations below.

Option to upgrade wheels and/or front fork.
You can also upgrade your future Gravel 22TiTAN with a set of lightweight carbon wheels and/or a suspension front fork.
Read more about the configurations below.


As is known from our Gravel Carbon series, it is possible to choose between different groupsets from both SRAM and Shimano. The groupsets are also available as 1-by and 2-by setups with the option of both mechanical and electronic shifting.

You can opt for a set of LiTE X gravel wheels in aluminium or upgrade to a set of aerodynamic OHR G45 gravel wheels in carbon, which are handmade in the Netherlands

In addition, as something entirely new, you can choose between a rigid carbon front fork or a revolutionary suspension fork from HiRide Suspension, which gives the bike a whole new aspect of off-road capabilities.

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Shimano or SRAM - mechanical or electronic

There is a 22TiTAN for any type of gravel rider. We have designed the frame to be compatible with both mechanical and electronic groupsets. Whether you want a 1-by or 2-by setup, 22TiTAN allows you to make the choice.


Rigid or HiRide Suspension

Choose between a full carbon fork as either rigid or with suspension. We have entered a partnership with HiRide Suspension to fulfill 22TiTAN’s absolute potential. The ground-breaking suspension front fork enables the 22TiTAN to handle challenging terrain in an excellent manner. The front fork absorbs on average +46.7% of the vibrations from the ground compared to a standard gravel front fork, which i.a. measures 20 mm. travel. This means increased comfort, increased speed, and more fun. If, on the other hand, you have to ride on a completely smooth tarmac, the front fork is equipped with a hydraulic lock-out.

Read more about HiRide Suspension



The 22TiTAN can be fitted with either the durable Lite Gravel aluminium wheels or the highly specified OHR Cycling G45 carbon wheels. The G45 wheel has a 24 mm inner rim width providing plenty of room for your gravel tires. At the same time, the rim height of 45 mm ensures fantastic aerodynamics on straight roads. The G45 is equipped with specially designed hubs that ensure years of durability and unmatched performance. The wheelset is handmade in the Netherlands.

Read more about OHR G45



We have fitted 22TiTAN with Panaracer GravelKing SK tires, which are made for speed on even the roughest of terrains. A combination of an aggressive tread, natural rubber compound, and puncture resistance creates the base for a high-quality tire. GravelKing SK has a very strong grip on loose gravel, but the comfort remains. Despite hardcore offroad properties, GravelKing SK handles asphalt easily with minimal tire noise.

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